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Mini Cupids Couch

The amazing accessory that will totally transform your love life!

The Cupids Couch is ergonomically designed to hugely enhance your love making with endless positions some more intimate and others... Cupid's inflatable passion couch has been praised as "the most versatile shared intimacy product ever".

The Cupids Couch gives you the chance to put some fun and variety in to your love making, as the air in the couch moves in an amazing way, halving the weight of the person on top and moving with you so some of those tiring positions are now so much more fun!!!!

The ends are fantastic for oral, giving pleasure for both parties as you can be supported in a comfortable position at a nice height for your partner to enjoy them selves! Just lay back and enjoy…

For those couples that find some positions a bit uncomfortable or painful this may be just the toy for you, as you can lay supported on your front or back in a comfortable position and let your partner do the work.

The Cupids Couch inflates in just a few minutes using the included separate high capacity electric pump. It is made from top quality cross woven PVC and the two main air chambers are designed for maximum support, stability and comfort. This makes it great to be used inside or out giving you endless possibilities.

Deflation is just as quick and can be vacuumed down with the pump if required. A repair kit should you ever
need it and a well-illustrated users guide is included should you need a few new ideas.

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